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Jazz It Up !!!

PLAYLISTS 2021 (click on the symbol Mixcloud above to each playlist for listen)

19.09.2021 Simone "Jazz It Up !!!" Vimercati guestmix for Radio Milano International (www.radiomilano.international)
1. Andrew Wasylyk “Everywhere Something Sublime” (2020 Athens Of The North)
2. Nitin Sawhney “Tokyo” (2021 Positiv LLP / Sony Music)
3. Emanative & Liz Elensky “ Tea Leaf Dancers” feat. Vince Vella (2021 Home Planet)
4. Middle Name Dance Band “Weekend Love (Vocal)” feat Wallace (2021 Middle Name Records)
5. Cache “Jazzin’ And Cruisin’” (1981 Groove Production)
6. STR4TA “Rhythm In Your Mind” (2021 Brownswood Recordings)
7. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson “Racetrack In France” (1977 Arista)
8. Victor Davies “Would You Believe In Me” (2006 Afro Gigolo Records)
9. Winston Neale “Sinnerman” (1986 SD / 2021 RE:WARM)
10. Michael Kiwanuka "Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love)” (2019 Polydor)
11. Le Deal “Riot In Chinatown” (2020 Favorite Recordings)
12. Grover Washington, Jr. “Be Mine (Tonight)” (1981 Elektra)
13. Rasa “Questions In My Mind” (1978 Iskcon Records)
14. Nimbus Sextet “Trap Door” (2020 Acid Jazz Records)
15. Linda Tillery “Freedom Time” (1977 Olivia Records)  JazzItUp_for_RMI

28.06.2021 "Tangential Music Show" by Lee Bright with Simone "Jazz It Up !!!" Vimercati guestmix on Totally Wired Radio UK (www.totallywiredradio.com)

Simone "Jazz It Up !!!" Vimercati guestmix playlist
01. Steve Tibbetts “Night Again” (1984 ECM Records)
02. Ralf present: Orchestra Spettacolo Cesira Sordini “Da Lord” (1996 Disco Inn)
03. Da Lata feat. Kaidi Tatham “Jungle Kitten” (2021 Da Lata Music)
04. Manfredo Fest “Arigo” (1979 Tabu Records)
05. Dreamweavers (Mark De Clive-Lowe, Andrea Lombardini, Tommaso Cappellato) “Mizugaki” (2021 Mother Tongue Records)
06. For A Moments There Was A Silence “Al Bridges Burning” (2021 Tangential Music)
07. Ishmael Ensemble “Morning Chorus” (2021 Severn Songs)
08. Jeb Loy Nichols “The World Loves A Fool” (2021 Timmion Records)
09. Zoe’s Shanghai “Mother” (2021)
10. Eric Schaefer “Kussa Karu Otome (Hiromu Handa” (2017 ACT Music)
11. Timo Lassy “Orlo” (2021 We Jazz Records)
12. Don Pullen feat. Sam Rivers “Joycie Girl” (1976 Black Saint Records)

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07.03.2021 "Jazz It Up !!!" for Wax Up ! blog
01. Carl Craig “es.30” from “More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art” (1997 Planet E)
02. Barre Phillips “A-i-a” from “Three Day Moon” (1978 ECM Records)
03. Jan Hammer Group “Don't You Know” from “Melodies” (1977 Nemperors Records)

04. Nimbus Sextet “Lily Whyte” Ghostchant remix – single (2020 Acid Jazz Records)

05. Jimi Tenor “Sugar And Spice” from “Aulos” (2020 Philophon)

06. Stanley Cowel “Blues For The Viet Cong” from “Blues For The Viet Cong” (1977 Arista/Freedom Records)

07. Menagerie “Free Thing” from “Many Worlds” (2021 Freestyle Records)

08. Da Lata “Dakar” Emanative remix - single (2020 Da Lata Music)

09. Robag Wruhme feat Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft (You Might Say) “Nata Alma” from “Venq Tolep” (2019 Pampa Records)

10. Rymden “Terminal One” from “Space Sailors” (2020 Jazzland Recordings)

11. Billy Hart “Rahsann Is Beautiful” from “Enchance” (1977 Horizon)

12. Shinya Fukumori “Another Story” from “Another Story” (2020 Nagalu)

13. Nduduzo Makhathini “Amathambo” from “Ikhambi” (2017 Universal South Africa)

14. Carlos Garnett “Mystery Of Ages”  from “Cosmos Nucleos” (1976 Muse Records)

15. Tigran Hamasyan feat. Areni Agbabian and Artyom Manukyan “Our Film” from “The Call Within” (2020 Nonesuch Records)

22.02.2021 "Tangential Music Show" by Lee Bright with Simone "Jazz It Up !!!" Vimercati guestmix on Totally Wired Radio UK (www.totallywiredradio.com)

01.03.2021 "Tangential Music Show" by Lee Bright with Simone "Jazz It Up !!!" Vimercati guestmix on 1BTN radio UK (https://1btn.fm)

Simone "Jazz It Up !!!" Vimercati guestmix playlist
1. Ski Oakenfull “Intro” (2005 BBE Records/Rice Records)
2. Enrico Rava Quintet “Choctaw” (2011 ECM Records)

3. Bokani Dyer “Ke Nako” (2021 Brownswood Recordings)
4. Sarathy Korwar “Birthright” - Emanative Remix (2020 The Leaf Label)
5. The Blackbyrds “Something Special” (1977 Fantasy Records)
6. Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella “The Higher Love” feat. Raashan Ahmad (2021 Schema Records)
7. Emotions “Blessed” (1977 CBS)
8. Jarrod Lawson “Why Don't You Call Me Baby Anymore” (2020 Dome Records)
9. Krust “Antigravity Love” - KenLou Dubb Instrumental (2020 Crosstown Rebels)
10.  Ian Simmonds “King” DJ Rocca Rework (2020 Pussyfoot Records)